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A fantasy-themed slot game from SlotXo Empty A fantasy-themed slot game from SlotXo

Lun Oct 19, 2020 1:44 am
Today we would like to present a fantasy slot game Yggdrasil from SLTXX, suitable for people who like images and color. This is a fantasy. Let's take a look at how the EasyDressil slot game differs from other games.

A fantasy-themed slot game from SlotXo Yggdrasil

SlotXO also has a modern playing system with a collection of online slot games with beautiful graphics. You can play online slot games. Supports both iOS and Android operating systems by downloading and installing the app on your mobile phone via a web browser or via mobile phone.


Eogidresil, the game of slotxo is a little fantasy game suitable for people who like asy pictures and colors. Fantasy Art Fantasy (British fantasy art) is a kind of art. A genre that includes content, ideas, elements, or scenes that are surprising or supernatural

Some of these philosophies are overlapped with science fiction, horror, and fiction. But there are some elements of fantasy art that are unique in their own right that is not found in the fiction industry. The content of the work comes from the mystery. And modern world myths

Maya or something supernatural in the presence of the power of the gods is the most common theme in this type of work. And an element that distinguishes this type of art from other art, also popular in mythology for the use of gods or fiction in their compositions such as dragons, wizards, elves, and others.

Power and exclusivity

The highlight of this game in Wild Division SlotXA sometimes comes in full 3-row tree format but more prominent is the inevitable bonus which is rarely seen in other games as rewards are given for three or more scattered spins. If this is a normal game

Some games will have a certain number of spins and then it ends. But for this game, we get unlimited free spins around more fun games. There is not only a bonus on the game's prize lines but there is also a scatter bonus. Each game is distinguished by its symbol. However, the bonus format is still on the same line, you will get a super bonus as soon as you take the 3 scatter images on the game page.

Most of them are free spin bonuses. It comes with a special feature after which we get bonuses. The summary is the total credit received. There will be some more features for us to choose from.

As for the card guess feature, there will be red and black card features that will double the amount of total money played, but if chosen incorrectly, the total playable balance will disappear immediately. This additional feature will enable you to choose whether you want to play or not. We have limited features during auto spin play, this option cannot be used.


Lines in the slotxo game are 1-20 lines. A minimum of 1 line and a maximum of 20 lines can be selected. You have to keep in mind that Lion Wild acts as a multiplier so expect only regular payouts. A special feature of Safari Hit is that you can pay a single for one spin.

The winning side is counted from left to right. Bet 20 play lines. There will be more chances of getting extra bonus. A payout rate is calculated according to the value of the symbols. Players can place bets of their choice. The line count will be different from each of the 20 lines to increase the chances of carousing the player. Most players always choose the maximum of the game when playing online slot games to match the line that has been defined. If you are a new player, we recommend playing moderately first. Gradually increase the level of investment
Mensajes : 17
Fecha de inscripción : 06/09/2020
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A fantasy-themed slot game from SlotXo Empty Re: A fantasy-themed slot game from SlotXo

Miér Oct 28, 2020 11:00 am
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